About Me

I’m a former PR girl/American Idol wannabe turned stay-at-home momma to two young kids (Case who’s 2 1/2 years old and Claire who will be 1 in October) and a wife to Brian, a budding entrepreneur and MBA Candidate at Duke (having just gotten out of  the Army, Special Forces, last year).  We are currently living with my in-laws (sounds a little crazy but has actually worked out just fine!) in southeast Virginia.

My son Case was born with a rare chromosomal duplication (so rare, in fact, that no one else has the exact same duplication) that has resulted in  hypotonia and overall developmental delay. He’s been in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy beginning when he was just 5 1/2 months old.   He just began his first year in a public school special education preschool.  He is sweet, charming, sensitive, and funny with a whole lot of patience for his age. His laugh makes people’s heads turn in public places by the sheer joy it exudes.

My daughter Claire is a feisty, bright-eyed young thing who just began walking and is now chasing after her brother is hot pursuit of all the attention that he receives! She loves climbing, dancing, anything soft and cuddly and music, of course as she’s also an American Idol wannabe.

As you can imagine, it sometimes gets a little hairy with three generations living under one roof ,  but I  wouldn’t trade it for the world (that is until we  figure out where we want to live, in which case I’ll trade it for that).

I’m a friendly, typically bubbly gal seeking some camaraderie here in the special needs momma blogosphere.

I could definitely go on but I’m afraid you’ve begun to lose interest.

Nice to meet you!


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