He’s fine

We’ve had a lot of people concerned about Case given my second to last post that included all the gory photos of his head wound (I’ll stop wondering, now, why people perhaps may have been worried).

He’s fine.  Fine like when we tell him he’s fine when he accidentally trips in the grass and falls on his cushioned bum and doesn’t hurt himself, or wakes up in the middle of night for no reason and cries, or fine like when his sister takes whatever toy he has in the weak grip of his hands.  He is just fine.

He’s also handsome, as ever.


Ok, so two things of note in the photo above:

1.  His wound is on the left side of his head (on the right in the photo) and is covered very well by his long hair, but it is small and has healed perfectly!

2.  He’s wearing big boy undies!  We’re in the midst of potty training.  Good news is I can’t remember the last time I changed one of his poopy diapers.  Bad news is I can very vividly remember (ahem, yesterday) when I took him upstairs to take off his wet undies and get on a new pair.  And since he’s not so great with  communicating, I’m doing a lot of just sitting him on the potty and….. waiting……….

Patience is one of the highest virtues.

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