My birthday present and a trip to the ER

As a birthday present to ‘me’, Brian did the research and bought us a new camera.  The kind where the lens’ cost more than the actual camera itself.  The fancy kind.  He bought a Canon Rebel T3i/EOS 600D with a really big hunkin’ lens.

We have been spoiled by our resident  (‘amateur’) photographer, Erin, my sister-in-law, who dubiously photographs all of us with her own fancy camera every time we see her for holidays or visits.   But we decided, especially after a particularly memorable trip to the swings, that we’d like to be able to capture those moments beautifully too (the ones in between visits with Erin!) and however handy the iPhone is and however remarkable the camera is, it’s really got nothing on our fancy one (although the fact that I would never refer to my iPhone as ‘hunkin’ makes it a tad bit easier to always have around, besides the fact that it’s like an extra limb and IS always around).

And you’d think that a post about getting a new camera would be filled with lots of lovely photos of all those most recent beautiful moments.  Well, below are a few but I’ve taken them by purely relying on all of this camera’s fancy Auto setttings that make it pretty much impossible to take a terrible photo, while I try to make the time to watch the dozens of video tutorials my husband has loaded onto my iPhone, iPad, and computer (he says, so if you have any spare moments you can just pull them up and watch them – ahem, he really does NOT understand what I consider ‘free’ time).

Case at Long's ParkCase looking through tunnel at Long's ParkClaire in her activity thingy at Mor Mor's HouseClaire with Mor Mor at Gigi'sCase with GigiCase scared on mowerCase tickled on mower with DaddyClaire with momma at Bluebird Gap Farm

But, in his defense, I do want to learn about all of this cool new toy’s capabilities – because it has LOTS, and I can’t seem to find my way with just the 230 page manual (that I’ve been reading in my ‘free’ time).  Mostly because I really love looking back at them and knowing now that I’ll be able to capture the real joy (and fear) on Case’s face as he races around on the riding lawn-mower with his Papa or his Daddy, or capture Claire’s ear to ear grin and practically hear her belly laugh when her Aunt Erin throws her in the air, or see the love in the eyes of my Mom and Grandmother as they spend some rare quality time with their grandchildren/great-grandchildren. Being able to more accurately (and beautifully) capture all those moments makes watching those damn (dry) video tutorials worth it.

In the meantime, I’ll share some more dramatic photos that weren’t taken with the new camera.   Because when you’re headed to the ER holding an ice pack to a screaming two year old’s head so he doesn’t bleed everywhere, you’re not really thinking about grabbing that big ass new camera.  You’re mostly thinking,”self, please don’t pass out”.

Case with Momma at the ERCase with stitches (right after - note the sweat from being restrained!)Case the party boy in the ER waiting room (yeah, I'm pretty sure he's over his fall)

Case (inevitably) fell on Monday night and split his head open.  He didn’t trip over anything (just his own feet, as per usual) and didn’t get his hands out in time (as per usual) and hit the the sharp part of the TV speaker on the floor (all of this right before bath time).  So after a whirlwind trip to the ER with me and Papa (Omi stayed home with Claire and Aunt Erin)he was back at home in bed by midnight with four stitches.

As you can imagine, Case gets a little worked up around anyone looking even remotely medical (especially after our big stay in the hospital in January and emergency ear tube surgery) so having company (in Papa) to help distract/restrain Case was really REALLY nice.   In general, Case was a good sport (saying hi to any and all of his fellow ER mates) and now he’s got his first of probably many scars!  Let’s hope his hairline doesn’t take after his father’s and we might be able to cover it for a while.

‘Til something else dramatic happens, or I get my act together and start actually planning my blog posts – may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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2 thoughts on “My birthday present and a trip to the ER

  1. Diana says:

    Hi! Couldn’t help but click when I saw you talking about your new camera. I got the Rebel T3i in January, and it’s as awesome as you describe. I bought the Rebel T3i for Dummies book, and it has been a huge help. Another online resource that I found SUPER easy to understand was here: You’ll be shooting manually in no time 🙂 Just wanted to pass along. Hope your little guy is recouping well!

  2. Sonya says:

    Poor Case! Hope his wounds are healing quickly. Just attended a digital camera class to learn how to better use our little digital camera before jumping into a larger one. It probably would have went better if I spent less time chatting and more time taking notes 🙂

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