I’m not Catholic, and I’m not even remotely religious (probably more on that later, too),  so the idea of me giving up anything for Lent is something that I didn’t really even think about until I paid attention to a few of my friends (who are religious) who are practicing Lent this year but aren’t giving things up.   They’re making Lent about just plain old giving, and changing yourself for the better.

They’re turning Lent into a time for self-improvement (perhaps they didn’t quite stick to their guns on 2 January, I don’t know) versus a time to sacrifice.  And, although some religious folk out there may argue that that’s not what Lent is about,  I think self-improvement is always a good thing.

So, in honor of my religious friends practicing Lent and trying to better themselves, I decided to take on a couple of similar challenges for the next forty days:

First – I’m going to write every day.  Maybe not post things on here everyday, but write  (and not just my ‘to do’ list). And my hope is that that will be good for not only me, but lots of other people too (including my children who will benefit from a mommy who’s doing something for herself).

Second – I’m going to floss.

That’s it.

I debated including showering on a daily basis as a third here (as hygiene is big these days), but knew that I’d really feel guilty when I broke that little self-promise-fake-lent resolution on day 2.  [Although it is nice to hear, “Hey babe, you smell clean today, ”  on a regular basis (yes, he’s actually said that to me – what a doll, right?)]

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2 thoughts on ““Lent”

  1. AMC says:

    Thank you for making me laugh 🙂 Miss you guys!

  2. That last line made me laugh out loud. SO funny!!!! I love that you plan to write everyday. I think that’s a fantastic idea. And flossing is always good. We’ve already had that discussion about dry shampoo…the gums don’t fare as well as unwashed hair, so I think you prioritized properly. 🙂

    We’re still fevering over here…I fear that I will be at the doctor’s office with two kids about to lose my mind tomorrow…good times.

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