Change is afoot – and my “About” page renewal

Brian says my new “About” page reads like a blog post, so I figured I’d do just that – make it a blog post.

I revamped my “About” page with all the updates to our lives as a step in changing the course of this blog.

Renewed “About” Page

Originally this blog was to serve as a platform for me to share my experiences of being a new mom, of living and thriving in Fayetteville NC and of being an Army wife (see original “About” page below – written when Case was just a few weeks old).

My, things have changed…

First, I will soon no longer be an Army wife (no folks, Brian and I are still happily married).  As of 1 June though, Brian will be separating from the Army  (after an accomplished 8 years) and welcoming his transition into the civilian world.    He is on the verge of deciding which Executive MBA program he will begin as well and what job he’ll take.  As soon as we have definite details all will be updated, but for now he’s on course to be a very intellectually busy fella for the next two years. I am so proud of him and excited for this new and very different chapter in life he’s about to begin.

Second, because Brian will no longer be in the Army we will no longer have to live in Fayetteville (cue confetti, kazoo blowing,  hooting, uproarious rounds of applause… etc.).  We will, however, not be living together.

Wait, what?  He’s no longer in the Army and you’re still going to be apart?

Well… yup, you heard me right.   As of May of this year, Case and I will be moving to Yorktown, VA with Brian’s parents and Brian will be living as a geographic bachelor in Washington DC (working and going to school).  He’ll come to Yorktown almost every weekend (except for those that he has school) and I will, from time to time, take Case up to DC to visit and stay in what I am now referring to as my pied a terre, there.   But yes, (sigh) for the next two years we will, again, be long distance husband and wife.

And although it may sound as though I’m being pretty dramatic about it all, I was the one who suggested this living situation.  And although it’s not quite ideal – it is the best option for us, right now.

With Case’s therapy ramping up to what looks like 8+ sessions per week of Occupational, Speech, Physical and Play therapy, I knew it would be difficult living in DC (two hours from any family) and not having Brian’s help in the evenings (when he presumably will need to be doing school work) would be trying on me.  Sometimes, after a long day of working (I mean, playing) with Case – I need those few hours of tag-team parenting (and of course the half hour of freedom when Daddy does the bath!).  Brian’s parents put the offer on the table for Case and I to live with them and I suggested that we look seriously at it as a viable one.   Sure enough, after much thought, we decided that in order for us to stay sane, productive, and relatively happy,  this was the only option.   So as much as it doesn’t sound ideal (and believe me, I know it doesn’t…), I’m relieved.

I’m relieved to know I’ll have Omie (the name the Findlay grandkids call Brian’s mom – a hip take on the German, “Oma”) around most days to help me with Case.  And I’ll have PawPaw (Brian’s Dad) to force me to get to the YMCA  (grin), teach me how to sail (and probably mow the lawn!) and to parade Case around to all his “Y” friends  like a show pony.  I’m relieved to know that Brian will have the time to focus on his civilian transition into the business world and his MBA. And, I’m relieved to know that during the sometimes dark days of parenting a special needs kiddo, Brian will be a facetime phone call away (thank you Verizon and my new iPhone 4) and I’ll have Brian’s parents around to rally me (so as not to slip into lonely despair all by myself… ok that was a little dramatic, but you get the point).  We are so thankful to have such an accomodating family (on both sides!) and I feel so lucky to have the special relationship that I do with Brian’s parents and to not feel any sort of weirdness about moving in with them for the short term.  Especially because I know how rare it is to have such a great relationship with your inlaws!  So, for the next two years we will be no longer be in Fayetteville we’ll be both in Yorktown VA and Washington DC and probably stuck in traffic on 95…

Finally, I am no longer a brand-spanking-new mom.  I am a mom with a 1+ years experience in navigating the early intervention system, pediatric neurologist appointments, pediatric development specialist appointments, geneticist appointments, pediatric allergist appointments, pediatric dermatologist appointments, orthotic fitting appointments, MRIs, EKGs, EEGs, PT (physical therapy) sesssions, ST (speech therapy) sessions, OT (occupational therapy) sessions, and play therapy appointments.  I am now a mom who spends her free time reading blogs, discussion boards, medical journals (to name just a few) in hopes of finding new ways to help Case make progress (and, in turn, cope…).  I am now a mom who intends to use this blog as a way to share my experience of being a mom to a  little boy with a rare, one-of-a-kind chromosomal duplication and resulting hypotonia, cognitive and motor delays.  But more importantly, I am now a mom to a little boy with eyes so bright blue you’d swear he’s wearing colored contacts, whose infectious giggle turns heads in grocery stores, whose sweet toothy smile makes strangers stop and stare.

I am now a mom to a special needs little boy who has changed our lives in so many ways and showed us we can muster strength we didn’t know we had.

So here’s to blogging about it all.  The fact that I’m still able to find quite a bit of humor in all of this will hopefully aid in my storytelling as well as help me to find the fresh perspective on what sometimes seems pretty rotten.   Here’s to Cait Finding the Fresh…


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