I’ll do it after the Holidays…

It’s been too long since I’ve posted and as a result my writing already feels boring. My apologies. I kept telling myself, I’ll go back to blogging after the holidays. I told myself I’d do a lot of things …after the holidays.

1. I’ll make working out every day a priority…after the holidays
2. I’ll scrub the tubs…after the holidays
3. I’ll get Case a passport …after the holidays
4. I’ll reorganize my closet …after the holidays
5. I’ll clean out the pantry…after the holidays
6. I’ll organize our photos…after the holidays
7. I’ll send out Christmas cards…after the holidays (shit! …sigh)

Perhaps a lot of people do this so that when it comes time to think about their new year’s resolution, they’ve got a lot to work with?

Resolution #1 : I’ll make working out every day a priority
Resolution #2 : I’ll scrub the tubs on a bi-weekly basis

You get the idea… 🙂

My new year’s resolutions will definitely include making writing a priority. What a wonderfully cathartic exercise.

Speaking of exercise – it’s time to get on that too.

‘Til after the holidays…

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One thought on “I’ll do it after the Holidays…

  1. Karen says:

    See you AFTER THE HOLIDAYS! 🙂 love you!!

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