This post about laundry could go anywhere and could easily be titled, “Endless Laundry”, or even “Why Doesn’t My Husband Just Throw His Dirty Socks Into the Hamper” – yes, I could write a few sentences about that…but we’ll just leave it at “Laundry” so I can include the myriad of stories/tips I have involving the topic.

Like any new mother, I find myself doing AT LEAST one load of laundry a day.  If it’s not his clothes/bedding/car seat cover (double ugh), it’s my clothes because of what came out of him.   All you new mothers can sympathize with me when I briefly tell you about a laundry kind of day I had last week.

Case woke up in a pleasant, happy mood only to decide he now favors the right breast and by no means will he settle for the left.  This problem is pretty common  and after excessive Google ‘ing  pretty much the only advice I could find was, don’t worry he’ll get over it.  And, he did, by the way…  Anyway, after fussing for 10 minutes, I finally got him on (I sneakily turned him in the other direction on the boob I wanted him to be on…) and after a nice long feed I sat him up to burp and there it all came.  All of it.  All over me, him, the chair and the boppy (the cover of which I had just washed).  First load of laundry for the day.  About an hour passed and he was hungry again (because we ended up wearing that first feeding), so he ate again.  This time I waited after the feeding, kept him in the same position and then after a half hour decided I was safe and put him in his car seat.  Don’t  you know it? Whamo!  Projectile, again – on me, the car seat, him (obviously), and ooo lucky us, the leather sofa. Word to the wise – buy two infant car seat covers so that if your child throws up, shits through, etc…the one, you have another one that you can put on so you can actually leave the house!  The next two feedings went swimmingly and we had a nice afternoon until his 4 pm feeding (the one right before Dad gets home…).  He ate, we waited, and I put him in his infant carrier seat (again) to take Bruno on a walk before Brian got home so we could head out to eat (that’s right, I didn’t cook – I’d been doing laundry all day, feeding/re-feeding, and waiting -remember?).  “One more time…” (I’m singing that awful techno song in my head…).  We’re halfway around the block and Bruno’s excited, and I’m excited that Brian’s coming home, and we’re all clean and the car seat’s clean and we’re all happy and…WHAMO.  Projectile, AGAIN! Same recipients – me, the car seat, and Case.  Where am I going with this?  I’m very happy we invested in the new Maytag front loaders two years ago.

Speaking of the front loaders washers reminds of the detergent issue.  At first we used Dreft  for his clothes and Tide for ours.   But we’ve found that Case isn’t affected at all by Tide, so we’re back to using just one detergent and sometimes, just to save on an extra load, I wash his clothes and our clothes together (although if you read any of the parenting books they tell you this is a definite no no…whatever.)

Related to laundry, I do recommend (even without being a Mother, I did this and it comes in super handy) that you put a Tide stain remover stick anywhere possible (diaper bag, purse, car, your husband’s pocket…).  You never know when your little one will get poop on someone’s nice shirt, or on your sort-of-nice shirt (because you’re not wearing anything but yoga pants and shirts that make your boobs easily accessible, and, ahem… not for anyone but your child), or your husband  will get a mysterious red stain on his white shirt while out (twice!).  Anyway, those little Tide sticks are like magic wands.  J’adore.

So to recap, here’s a short list of our must-haves/must-dos regarding laundry, etc. :

1.  Invest in two infant carrier covers.

2.  If you haven’t made the plunge into the wonderful world of front loader washing machines and are in the market, spend the extra cash and do it.  It’s worth every penny.  Ours saves water, time, and things come out of the washer practically dry (yep, that’s right, I said washer – the spin cycle is crazy!).  We did our fair share of research before deciding on the Maytag MHWE400WJ.  I believe ours is an older version of this, but the features are the same. It is divine!  One tip though, if you are using a front loader – keep the door open on the washer after the cycle to prevent mildew and make sure to check the rubber lip (baby socks are notorious for getting trapped in there).

3.  Each child is different so do a one clothing item test to make sure, but it seems using your regular old detergent to wash baby clothes is just fine.

4.  Equip yourself (and everyone else you care about 🙂 ) with Tide To Go stain remover sticks.

5. Always put a towel down before feeding, if you don’t want to wash your seat cushion covers on a regular basis and more importantly (and the greater annoyance) put the seat cushion covers back on!  Better yet, feed your spitty baby on leather!

Off to fold…

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2 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. Karen says:

    HAHA, cute. I never washed the clothes separate from ours, and they turned out ok, the kids I mean! 🙂 And I didn’t have a front loader or a Tide stick, how did I EVER survive! 🙂

  2. Sonya says:

    I agree, front loaders are the BEST and it’s a must to leave the door open!

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