Muddy Buddy – Save Mucho Dinero

Muddy Buddy 2010If you live in Fayetteville and have traveled south (or north, for that matter) on 95, you’ve seen the signs for South of the Border (the gargantuan roadside tourist trap located in Dillon, SC aimed at attracting travelers heading from the north down to Florida). You can’t miss them. They say things like “You Never Sausage a Place – South of the Border”, and “Time for a Paws – South of the Border” (I’m assuming they’ve got quite an assortment of dog treats?). I believe they’ve gotten rid of the more offensive Mexi-English signs like one that we saw a long time ago that said, “No Monkey Business, Joost Yankee Panky – South of the Border”, but they haven’t gotten rid of all of them and one of our favorites is the big one that reads “Save Mucho Dinero – South of the Border”. As if the sole purpose for going there was to find a deal? Well if you’re really looking to “Save Mucho Dinero” don’t do a Muddy Buddy race. (Yes, I just talked about South of the Border for a whole paragraph before getting to my actual point…)

The first weekend in May, my family and friends participated in a Muddy Buddy race. What is Muddy Buddy? They explain it pretty succinctly on their website:

Muddy Buddy is all about having fun with a friend, family member, partner or co-worker! Teams of two traverse a 6-7 mile off-road course and 5 obstacles.

At the start of the race, one team member will run and one will ride the bike. At the 1st obstacle, the rider will drop the bike, complete the obstacle, and begin running. The runner will arrive, complete the obstacle, find their bike and begin riding. Teams will continue leapfrogging each other through the entire course.

At the end of the race, racers crawl through the infamous Mud Pit crossing the finish line together as official “Muddy Buddies”!

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It definitely is – but at a cost! We actually paid $150 per team to be covered in mud! Normally I don’t balk at fees for races because I understand the planning and execution of these things is quite a production, but this seemed a little excessive. We weren’t closing down roads or paying to have traffic re-routed.
Was it a good time? Yes. Would we do it again? Only if Brian’s Dad actually sets one up for us on his own (like he’s hinted at doing… 🙂 ) Big thank you to Lea (my buddy) who was a super super fun partner! I had mud in my mouth and she got it in her eyes! DIE HARD! Check out the pics at:
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