Beach Baby

Off to the beach

I thought I’d post a photo of Case and I  getting ready to head down to the beach as a placeholder for a big post I’m working on with tips for beaching it with an infant. When I say I’m working on it, that actually means that I haven’t started writing it out yet, but notes are mentally jotted in my mind and I’m trying to find the time to sit down and type!

Speaking of finding time, I have a friend who gave birth to three boys in four years and she recently said, “Lots of people are trying to stretch a dime to make things work for the family, well I’m doing that and trying to stretch a minute.”  So true!  Time is a definite luxury.  I only have one kid and he’s pretty low maintenance, heaven help me when we have more!  I am in awe of those who are juggling two, three and four! On another side note, speaking of having three in four years – we  just found out Brian’s brother Kurt and his wife Catherine are expecting their third (in three years!) in August!  Congrats!  Can’t wait to meet Baby #3 🙂

On a third and final side note, my Dad thinks Case looks like Carl Reiner in Ocean’s 11 in his beach hat…Unfortunately for Case, I agree…

The one on the left

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