Running in Fayetteville

Cape Fear River Trail

A few months back I decided to sign up with all my best girlfriends for a half marathon (The Virginia Beach Rock ‘n’ Roll, to be exact) and since then, ahem,  I haven’t done much running – mostly because of this cute little two and a half month old that’s been hogging most of my time – but also because I no longer have any running buddies here in Fayetteville and don’t feel comfortable doing the routes we used to do together, by myself.   However, I would like to get back into a regular running schedule and thought I’d share some of the research I did:

1.  Check out Fayetteville Running Club on (  Unlike some other running clubs with steep fees, the fee to join this (what seems like) a great group of runners is only $15 (one-time fee) and you can get daily emails on where everyone  is getting together to run.  I have yet to make it out to meet up with this group, but I’m looking very forward to it (being able to put Case in the jogging stroller will be a huge help too!).  Also, from the looks of it, this group is very diverse (from very experienced ultra-marathon runners to people who just want to run a few miles every now and then) making the runs diverse and perfect for marathon or half marathon training!

2.  If you’re just looking for routes, check out the link below with a listing of some great loops in the area.  Be careful to look at them carefully before embarking, however because some areas are definitely not safe by yourself, or after dark.

3.  Finally, I’ve found that you can always meet other runners at the Cape Fear River Trail, and if you’ve never been there for a run – you’re missing out.  The trail is paved and is nearly 4 miles from one end to the other.  It’s a great place for a long run (if you do the whole thing there and back) or even just a walk with your dog/kids.  Brian and I try to make it there together at least once every two weeks  and now’s the perfect time to go, when it’s not too hot!  To learn more about the trail visit:

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One thought on “Running in Fayetteville

  1. Sonya says:

    I agree that the Cape Fear River Trail is great…and hilly! But I have heard that, like most places in Fayetteville, you shouldn’t go there by your self.

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