New Mommy Fave Product – Short List

When I was pregnant with Case I considered the book, Baby Bargains (, my bible.  I swear I read the thing inside and out and cross-referenced product reviews on the internet to what was in the book (I think three and four times over) before settling on a purchase. And yes, it was a little crazy, and I don’t think I would have been as thorough or meticulous had I been working, but because I wasn’t I figured I’d do my baby research like it was a job and voila, we ended up with some great products – most of which, I’m happy to report, haven’t disappointed us!

Here’s a short list of some of our must-haves (some of which weren’t in my trusty Baby Bargains book):

1.  Burp Cloths (and lots of them) – Case is a spitter, and so we go through about three burp cloths a day!  We prefer Swaddle Designs cloths.  We received a few as gifts and then had to go back and buy more they’re so great!  They’re the perfect size and are thick in the middle (the part that goes on your shoulder) and softer material (for wiping) on the sides.    We found them in my hometown, Lancaster PA, at a fabulous boutique called Bellaboo (they currently don’t have a website, however you can find them on Google Maps), but I’ve found them online as well at Albee Baby (they’re $18 for two, which seems pricey for something that your child is going to throw up on, but people love to give them as gifts, ’cause they’re cute, so register for them!) :

2.  Sleepwear – We found that a long-sleeve side-button Gerber t-shirt, diaper, and HALO sleep sack keep Case happiest when he’s sleeping (which is still for only 3-4 hours at a time! UGH!).  The HALO sleep sacks come in all sorts of colors and fabrics, but we prefer the cotton ones which seem to breathe the best.

3.  Furniture – We settled on Bonavita (I did lots and lots of research for this!) for our baby furniture and we are very happy!  It’s held up well (granted, it’s only been a few months).  We bought the convertible crib that can turn into a toddler bed and then finally can be used as a double bed.   We bought the conversion kit for just the double figuring that we’d use it as a crib for as long as we need it and then switch right into a double, skipping the middle step.  Bonavita came with the best mid-level reviews (we were prepared to spend some money, but not ALL our money).  There are two really great things about buying the  Bonavita furniture here in Fayetteville.  One, it’s available at Tiny Town (a great BIG boutique, here in Fayetteville off Bragg Blvd – if you haven’t been, GO!  It’s very fun, and a great place to take “Grandma” when she comes and wants to dote on your little one!)  Two, Tiny Town will deliver the furniture to your house when it comes in and set it up – ALL FREE OF CHARGE!  This was particularly helpful when I ordered ours because Brian was deployed and I was having nightmares about setting up the crib the wrong way and having our brand new baby fall out! For you all you Fayetteville moms-to-be whose husbands are deployed frequently too, take advantage of that perk!

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