Up, up, and away…Flying with a Newborn

We were prepared for the worst, but it went swimmingly!

5 Tips for traveling alone with a newborn:

1.  If you don’t have to bring a stroller, don’t – it’s much easier to ‘wear your baby’. If you do need to bring a stroller, gate check it and practice closing your stroller up before you go so you’re not super flustered when people are staring at you while you struggle!

2.  Do nurse/feed  (if he/she’s awake) during takeoff and landing.  I found that if Case was sleeping, however, that it was best just to let him sleep.  He didn’t seem to bothered by the pressure change, but every baby’s different.

3. If you can wear flipflops/slip-on shoes, do so.  It makes holding a baby and putting on your shoes much easier.

4.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re by yourself!  It’s much better to ask then to try to do everything and hurt yourself/your little nugget!

5.  Pack 2 of everything (in your diaper bag, which has now become your purse/carryon!).  Losing a pacifier (nuk, binky, whatever…we call ours a ‘chupa’)  won’t be as stressful if you have another socked away.

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