The Difference between a Pood and Poo’ed

On Sunday I asked my, oh-so-fit husband, if he could show my friend, Lea, and I some CrossFit workouts in the gym he’s created in our garage (Yes, that’s right, we no longer use our garage for our vehicles it’s now a fairly well-equipped CrossFit gym, although Brian would say it’s not THAT well-equipped).  Anyway, he started off with some easy stuff, you know, box jumps, pushups, burpees, etc.   Then he picked up the lightest of his three kettle bells and said,

“Now this is a pood.”

“A what?,” I asked with a smirk on my face.

“A pood.”

“A pood, ”  I repeated.

“It’s a Russian unit of measurement equivalent to 16 kg or about 35 lbs.”

“Oh, of course, a pood.  Not to be confused with what I did this morning in our guest bathroom…”(I like going in there more than our own, mostly because I usually have to go immediately after Brian’s just had to go…)

Well, as you can imagine, Lea and I had all sorts of fun the rest of the workout referring to our kettle bells as poods.

Brian was not as amused as he does not share our affinity for bathroom humor.

Speaking of bathroom humor.  My son will likely share my affinity as he almost always smiles when he farts.  He knows even at 7 weeks that farts are always funny.

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6 thoughts on “The Difference between a Pood and Poo’ed

  1. Alison says:

    Love the blog, Caitlin! Love the part about Case laughing when he farts!!!

  2. Aunt Dawn says:

    Great blog! The more time Brian spends with our family the more he’ll manure in his appreciation of bathroom humor.

  3. kate barton says:

    caitlin! this is hilarious! i can now refer to the pood-size of our kettle bells at the gym! how knooooowledgable i will sound!

  4. Christie says:

    Hilarious! I can imagine the whole workout. It’s always a witty time when you girls are together!

  5. MOR MOR says:

    Am I wrong? Or do we have ourselves a junior Erma Bombeck?

  6. That’s is hysterical – gotta share! Thanks for the post!

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